We Are PickApp

PickApp is a data-driven management and decision support solution that revolutionizes labor-intensive farming. PickApp measures farmwork activity throughout the entire growth cycle and leverages data to reach peak performance.

With PickApp, farm managers gain real-time data on a wide range of parameters, including picking volumes, specific worker output, workforce attendance, labor costs, picking rate, product quality, picking start times, picking durations, and more. All data is automatically analyzed and presented to farm managers on their devices, so that they can monitor labor progress in real-time, control their operations and make smarter decisions regarding workforce and activity deployment. In addition, PickApp’s data enables farmers to conduct research analysis, such as comparisons between different strains.

PickApp is easy-to-use, offers end-to-end support and is fully customized to specific farming needs. Our clients report that thanks to PickApp, their workforce optimization and product quality have all improved significantly. With PickApp, farmers are finally free to focus on growth – with minimal distractions.


Mission & Vision

PickApp is cultivating farmwork data.

We are dedicated to providing farmers all over the world with lean and robust products that help them digitize and control their farming operations. By using novel data collection and utilization tools, we thrive to empower our clients with real-time management and decision support capabilities for business property and the facilitation of growth.

Our Story

PickApp was founded in 2014 by four farmers and engineers who managed medium-sized labor-intensive farms, and who were constantly looking for ways to enhance their productivity. Aside from their farming background, PickApp’s founders had another thing in common: they were all experienced engineers who were accustomed to thinking in terms of peak performance.

Viewing their operations from a data-driven standpoint, PickApp’s founders eventually realized the need to leverage their hands-on expertise with labor data-activity. So, they partnered up to design and develop an end-to-end tool that can measure farming activity and worker outputs. The result was PickApp.

Today, PickApp supports clients from Mexico, Spain, Israel and many more countries worldwide. Our clients include vegetable, spice, deciduous plant, berry, citrus tree and date growers – and our network keeps growing.

The Team


Yuval Reich


Yoram Gomershtadt

Co-Founder & CBO

Ori Ganot

Co-Founder & VP Sales

Ilan Aisic​

Co- Founder​

Guy Shofen


Ilan Reich

Business Development Specialist

Ilan Chanochi

Customer Success Manager

Emily Rosenberg

Digital Marketing Manager

Natali Sason

QA Manager

Shlomi Muzafi

Head of R&D

Eden Lara

Eden Lara

Head of Technical Operations

Nati Mizrahi

Junior Software Developer