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PickApp is an innovative system which measures worker output, and increases both productivity and the quality of your produce. Use PickApp and enjoy improved farm efficiency and significant savings.

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Why PickApp

At PickApp, we strengthen and empower farmers by simply measuring picking output and produce quality. Our system measures harvest productivity and quality as well as other daily farm activities. By providing you with information that simplifies farm management, we make you and your workers more efficient.

Data for every worker and plot (including both output and quality information) is collected directly from the field in real time, in a convenient and easy-to-use manner.

An elegant solution which cuts labor costs without requiring dedicated hardware or software operators.

Knowledge is power, knowledge is profit, knowledge is PickApp – Contact Us Today!

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Farmers’ Testimonials

PickApp gave me the ability to get to know each worker on an individual level – to know each worker’s abilities for each activity on the farm.  This allows me to work more efficiently with my work team on the farm.  Thanks to the real-time information, I can identify problems and solve them as they occur in the field.  For me, the streamlining of labor costs is worth thousands of shekels per dunam per season.

Ilan Guy, Pepper and Chili Grower

With apples, the differences in quality between top quality and second-rate quality can reach up to 25% in the value of the fruit.  That’s why proper harvesting and quality control lets us achieve excellent results.  When a farm with 200 workers is at the height of the harvest, the ability to identify problems in real-time and get to a specific worker to prevent harvesting mistakes directly influences the quality of the product and the grower’s profitability.

Eyal Yonai, Agricultural Department Manager, Beresheet (www.pri-beresheet.co.il)
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