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Do you want to know how to get 8 workers to do the work of 10? Meet PickApp.

PickApp was conceived, designed and developed by farmers for farmers, as a result of the fruitful cooperation between three agricultural entrepreneurs from Moshav Paran in the Arava Desert.  They took an idea developed from a real need they had, and, in collaboration with an experienced software house, turned it into an effective farm management product.

PickApp is a smart system aimed to improve farm efficiency through reducing labor expenses and improving the quality of both work and produce.  The system measures worker output during harvesting, as well as other various farm activities, by use of a simple application which collects data in real time by the workers themselves.

Using PickApp allows farmers to know the quantities of crops harvested and statistics regarding crop quality as based on quality checks sampling. The PickApp system collects and monitors quantity information which includes each worker’s picking rate and quality the output of each worker, at what rate and quality, the exact time picking began, how long it lasted, etc.

The information is analyzed and presented to the farmer and allows him to track the progress of the work, while giving him the ability to monitor and control the process in real time.  PickApp customers report that thanks to the system, workers productivity has increased tens of percentage points, and the quality of the work and produce have also increased.

The company was founded at 2014, and currently provides service to over 100 customers and over 15 different crops throughout Israel, Australia and Holland.  Vegetables, herbs, deciduous fruit, citrus and dates growers are among the company’s customers.

The system is designed for labor intensive crops based on manual work, which place emphasis on high levels of worker productivity while at the same time maintaining the ability to monitor and control for a premium level of quality.

Our Offices

Management and R&D offices:
Ramat Yishay 3009500
Tzafzefa Street, P.O. 11312

Phone: +972-4-983-9000

Sales and Operations Center:
Moshav Paran, D.N. Arava, , 8683500

Phone: +972-52-3666495

Who Are We?

Three of the company’s four founders – Yuval Reich, Yoram Gomershtadt and Ori Ganot – are pepper growers from Moshav Paran in the Arava Desert.

The idea for implementing the system was born from our genuine need to solve a serious and central problem in daily farm management.

  • The basic need to know each individual worker’s output (and not as a collective group).
  • The ability to identify who picked which container, and if necessary to give individual constructive feedback regarding the quality of work to that specific worker.

These two needs are the foundation by which a farmer can efficiently manage his workforce, while maintaining quality work and produce.

Especially during the harvesting period, it is necessary to be able to pick a large quantity of premium-quality fruit on time, while dealing with a shortage of available professional workers.

We are farmers who encounter this problem every season without a proper solution, and we invest great managerial and financial resources in our attempts to solve it, including hiring temporary, unprofessional workers and closely supervising the quality of their work.

In developing a viable solution to this complex problem, we needed to deal with a number of constraints in the field:

  • It will not delay and/or complicate the existing work process.

  • It will be a long-term solution for work in field conditions.

  • It will be reliable and unquestionable.

  • It will be quickly assimilated among foreign workers of various nationalities.

  • The farmer will find it easy to manage and implement.

  • It will not require expensive hardware.

In order to find such a worthy solution, we turned to our personal abilities – Ori Ganot and Yoram Gomershtadt have been growing peppers for nine years, are both engineers by profession, and come from the technological world.  Yoram is an electrical and electronic engineer, and Ori is a chemical engineer.

Yuval Reich, who came up with the idea, is one of the founders of Moshav Paran, and is a former entrepreneur and businessman.  His business knowledge and experience have helped lead and direct our business and marketing development efforts along the way.

Our engineering perspective, combined with our agricultural background, enabled us to develop a system that meets all of these needs. This is where our fourth partner, Ilan Aisic, comes in.  Ilan owns a software development house and has extensive experience and knowledge in system programming and development.  With his help, the system was built in a generic manner which will allow it to be expanded and adapted for use with a wide variety of other crops, as well as other various work methods.

The existing system integrates cloud-based Android technologies which can be fully synchronized, with the presentation of the abovementioned information on mobile and computer screens, while saving and backing up the data with a high level of security.

In conclusion, the combination of farmers with engineering backgrounds, a software company manager and developer and entrepreneurial spirit and a rich business experience turn the PickApp system into a winning product which has succeeded in taking the company forward and achieved impressive results in only a short time.

We are confident that we will continue to improve and expand the system’s capabilities, and conquer new goals in the future.

The Team

Yuval Reich
Yuval ReichBusiness development
Ori Ganot
Ori GanotV.P Sales & Marketing
Yoram Gomershtadt
Yoram GomershtadtCEO
Ilan Aisic
Ilan AisicV.P R&D

The idea for implementing the system was born from our genuine need to solve a serious and central problem in daily farm management.

Contact Us
Contact Us
Guy Shofen
Guy ShofenCTO
Renana Doron
Renana DoronQA Manager
Nicolas Flasik
Nicolas FlasikSales Manager
Ilan Reich
Ilan ReichSales
Maor Hadar
Maor HadarQA & Help Desk
Monika Mazgaj
Monika MazgajSoftware Developer
Emily Rosenberg
Emily RosenbergDigital Marketing

Company Mission

The goal of the system is to increase the profitability of farmers through technology and streamlining.

Our vision is that every farmer will use the system in order to improve harvest yields and the quality of work and produce through use of a control and monitoring platform for simple and efficient employee management.