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Citrus fruit and deciduous farmers often encounter the problem of reduced value due to quality problems.

The harvest is usually collected into 400kg containers which are put into long-term storage, which is expensive and can last from a few months to a year.

Statistics show that on average there is a 20% to 30% loss of produce due to quality problems, which are only discovered at the final sorting stage in the packing house – long after the fruit has been harvested and stored.  About half of the fruit lost is due to worker-related matters (mechanical bruising, incorrect size and color), and the other half is due to natural hazards (insects and weather damage).

For these crops we therefore place an emphasis on carrying out quality control during the harvest in order to prevent harvesting mistakes.

The PickApp application was designed to give quality control personnel in the field an easy to operate solution that allows them to perform their work efficiently and accurately without need for complicated paperwork.  Alerts pointing out underperforming workers are displayed in real time for the quality control personnel and allow them to focus on workers’ weaknesses and correct them.

Parallel to quality control, per-worker harvest quantities are measured for each individual worker, whether or not the work is performed individually or in teams.

This information enables farmers to pay workers based on the amount they have harvested and the quality of their work, through periodically generated system reports.

The system also supports the creation of digital delivery notes in case the containers are filled in the field and sent for sorting and long-term storage.  It also closes daily balances for amounts picked in the fields as compared to quantities on the delivery notes.

GPS based monitoring shows the exact location of the harvest containers in the field – valuable logistical and agronomic information for the farmer.

The PickApp quality checks reports application

Main Benefits

  • Increase in output of worker teams
  • Improvement of work and produce quality
  • Complete monitoring and control over all agrotechnical activities on the farm (at tree/row/plot level)
  • Control, traceability and accurate monitoring of worker activities
  • Measurement and quality control of worker productivity.
  • Collection and analysis of location based agronomic data
  • Making focused management decisions to improve performance
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