PickApp bringing success in persimmon picking at South Africa

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PickApp bringing success in persimmon picking at South Africa

PickApp has brought tremendous success in persimmon picking season at South Africa.

PickApp system keeps growing and expanding around the globe. The solution PickApp provides its customers is global – crossing continents, countries, and crops.

Pickapp in South AfricaIn this article, we will tell you about the persimmon picking season that was concluded 2 month ago in South Africa, in which PickApp took a significant part and brought unprecedented results.

Sharon-Fruits Farm, located near the town of Swellendam, about 2 hours west of Cape Town in South Africa, is jointly owned by a private Israeli company and the South African governmental company (to form MISA).  In the early 2000s, planting started in South Africa in the Western Cape area.  Today, about 18 years later, PickApp system was first incorporated during the intensive picking season which started in April and lasted for 3 months.

The challenge for us was not small at all. The farm size is approx. 120 hectares, employing about 300 pickers every day, that are divided into 8 groups, physically scattered throughout the entire farm.  This makes it difficult to manage and control the farming operations.

But the main need during picking was, without any doubt, to increase the quality of the produce that is picked selectively and is highly sensitive to several quality problems, while at the same time maintain high productivity.  This allows supplying the produce at the right time to the markets in Europe in a narrow and demanding time frame. Late arrival to the market will enter into a “low market” and may lead to a decrease in the quality of the produce as well.

PickApp has picked up the glove, and after intensive preparations and full cooperation with the farm managers, succeeded during a one-week time, to fully implement the system among the pickers and managing staff in a smooth and easy way.

The results were not long in coming… within only 3 days, the export percentage jumped from 65% to 82% and by a focused and smart managing, those percentages were kept stable throughout the season and without affecting the productivity of the picking.

The financial outcome for the farm was tremendous and without no doubt made this season a great success for MISA and of course for us. Time after time we see the great effect PickApp is able to bring for the farms which choose to manage properly using the PickApp system.

Following the success, Mor International South African company (MISA), has decided to distribute the PickApp system in South Africa, and therefore it will be our exclusive representative in this abundant and fruitful area which acts as the main granary for all of Africa.

We hope for future success in South Africa in the coming months and we will keep you updated.

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