PickApp new portal – New capabilities

//PickApp new portal – New capabilities

PickApp new portal – New capabilities

PickApp new portal – New capabilities, User-friendly responsive display and more…

In the last couple of weeks, we have launched  new layers of our new PickApp portal.  This is an ongoing project which is already running behind the scene for several months.

The newly added capabilities allow viewing the data in an easier and more user-friendly manner on both mobile phones and the PCs.  It also supports new graphs and tables that provide precise and in-depth data analysis and insights on the effect of the workers outputs and the farm’s efficiency.

We would like to bring your attention to two new graphs which are now available:

new in PickApp application

Daily output graph – This graph presents the amount of produce that was picked (by units or weight) vs. the average cost per unit/weight.

Cost calculation is a function which literally calculates the efficiency of work based on workers productivity and the actual employer’s costs (hourly employer cost can be defined independently for each farm).

This graph provides a very good indication regarding the farm efficiency and therefore we recommend using it to better understand the farm’s performance.

An additional graph which we would like to introduce to you is relevant mostly to farms that perform quality inspections on a regular basis using quality controllers at the field for every bin/crate of produce. For example, deciduous and citrus growers during the harvest season.

 This graph presents the quality of produce that was inspected vs. the amount of inspections made by each quality controller. This information is highly important when dealing with quality management especially at large scale farms which employ many groups of pickers and are controlled by several controllers.  The graph demonstrates the effect of the amount of repeated quality inspections along the day against the pickers quality performances.  In fact, this is “control on the controllers”- an efficient management tool for the utilization of quality mangers in the farm.

In the near future, we will keep adding new capabilities and complete the full transition to our new portal. We will be happy to hear your feedback and advices regarding your satisfaction from the new portal and the system performances.

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