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The most recent farmers’ protest, which shed light on the plight of farmers, revealed that while many farms have been shut down, farmers were led to rethink things, and come up with new directions for a number of challenges. They needed to figure out how to streamline their farms, examine ways of reducing expenses, create joint marketing endeavors and in general, find ways of streamlining the work process in order to remain in the market.

At times like these, when the market is unstable, a solution such as PickApp can significantly cut down on farmers’ labor costs, which account for between 30% to 40% of their total expenses, and thereby improve their farms’ profitability.

At PickApp, we strengthen and empower growers in their farms by simply measuring and monitoring the work that gets done.  Our system measures the rate and quality of the harvest, as well as other daily farm activities.  The system streams data in real time, and that simplifies farm management, increases worker efficiency and enables basic comparisons and development of better management skills.  In this field, knowledge is power.

The system collects data from the field in real time, and in the simplest and quickest way possible.  PickApp offers a simple and inexpensive solution that saves on manpower without the need for either dedicated hardware or software operators.

The system’s engine performs data analysis in real time, allowing to track and locate quality and quantity irregulars. By that allowing the farm managers to react to those problems immediately.

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