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PickApp was created and developed to fill a genuine need of its founders –pepper growers in the Arava Desert.

The basic need to know how many containers were picked by specific workers, while at the same time ensuring that the fruit was picked and handled with optimal quality – this need is common to various vegetable and herb growers using different methods and who use the system today.

The system that was developed makes it possible to do all of this without the need for specific, record-keeping personnel, but rather by the workers themselves using the PickApp application.  A worker simply chooses his name from among the listed workers, and links it to the container he has filled.  The solution has been implemented simply and easily in a self-operated manner by the workers in a minimal amount of time.

The control and monitoring system allows growers to have real time knowledge of exactly who picked how much and when and where he did so (plot/row).  By using the system, it is possible to get a clear and precise picture of the progress of the harvest, either at the level of the individual worker or for a large number of work teams.

Using PickApp provides full traceability for every container- Enabling to locate every action done in the field, track quality problems and provide corrective feedback to the specific worker to prevent future mistakes.

In addition, the system analyzes the information and alerts the farmer about underperforming workers.  This allows the mangers in the field to focus and locate problems in real time and have the ability to correct them in the field.

Our customers report dramatic improvements in worker productivity as a result of using the system.  Workers adopt the system and want to know their end-of-the day harvest results.  The system has created a motivation for excellence among workers, who, with the help of proper management and compensation, create a win-win situation for both the farmer and the workers.

The system provides the farmer with a management tool for collecting and analyzing highly valuable agronomic data – harvest quantities according to location at the plot/ /row level, as well as up-to-date logistical information which enables assessment regarding post-harvest handling of the fruit (sorting and packing).

Apart from picking, the system can also monitor various agrotechnical activities on the farm such as trellising, dilution, pest monitoring and more.  In such a way, the system is used throughout the growth period and offers growers the ability to optimally control, manage and monitor every one of the farm’s operations.

Above: hourly output graph of a work team during harvest. Each point indicates a bin scan according to the time of the scan.

Quantitative Benefits

  • Improvement in harvest yields by some 20%.
  • Psychological effect – measurement increases output.
  • Immediate improvement within days.
  • Reduction in variance among workers.
  • In terms of the crop – increase in harvest yield – by harvesting at the right time and freeing up the plant for further growing
  • Quality improvement and repair – less crop loss.
  • Streamlining labor needs.

Non-Quantitative Benefits

  • Control and monitoring:
    • Real time “orientation” for a number of work areas in different geographical locations.
    • Measuring plot output using ton-per-acre / ton-per-crop variety
    • Ability to compare work centers
    • Effective control – individual instead of lateral activities.
    • Identical management and monitoring abilities for the entire managerial plain.
Farmer, are you looking for a way to optimize your work and lower your farming costs? Meet PickApp.