Management Tools


This advanced feature allows farm workers to report all farm activities and link each action to a specific location, time and farm worker. The scanned data is automatically uploaded and analyzed by PickApp in real-time. This zero-error process replaces inaccurate manual reporting, and helps farm owners enforce a stable and structured work method that is based on flawless data integrity.


Dashboard Analytics

Farmers use their customized PC and mobile dashboards to filter, analyze and access insights and reach conclusions. Analytics are presented via visualized graphs and pie charts, and include worker attendance, picking rates, total daily activity, performance rates and much more.


Quality Control

Quality control is key to farming success. PickApp’s smart configuration, advanced digital deployment and comprehensive scanning options help optimize produce quality checks. As a result, farmers are able to increase labor productivity without compromising quality standards.


Attendance & Cost

PickApp allows farmers to track worker attendance in real-time and generate weekly, monthly and annual attendance and cost reports. This allows farmers to measure their employees better and compensate and incentivize them accordingly. PickApp also provides farmers with the ability to track and control certain key farming costs.


Real-Time Notifications

Real-time decisions can have crucial impact on farming operations. PickApp notifies farmers on data abnormalities immediately, so that problems can be traced and fixed instantly. Farmers can customize their preferred alerts, to suit their specific needs.


Customized Reports

Different farms have different needs, which change throughout the season. As a result, farmers can customize PickApp’s reports whenever they need and how they want. Reports can include specific data segmentation, insightful comparisons, and much more.


Multilingual Support

In accordance with PickApp’s significant international presence, farms worldwide enjoy multilingual support in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Dutch, French, Korean, Polish and more.


A Love of Farming

Our love of farming is our most important feature. This love is what drove us to create the ultimate decision support solution for farmers worldwide, and to continuously add new and improved management tools that benefit our clients.