Open field farm profits are defined by high-quality produce and efficient harvesting. Yet when it comes to increasing profit, open field farmers face a myriad of challenges. Deciduous and citrus farms, for example, often experience a reduction of product value due to poor labor efforts. Quality depreciation is often discovered long after the fruit has been picked and stored.

Statistically, 20%-30% of deciduous and citrus fruit are thrown away due to quality depreciation, hurting farmers who have already committed to long-term storage costs. In case of fruits such as dates, which grow on extremely tall palm trees, farmers must also invest in expensive worker elevation tools. When labor, equipment and storage costs mount, there is less margin for human error.

PickApp responds to the needs of open field farms, and helps farmers live up to their desired standards. PickApp effectively monitors worker efficiency, and sends farm managers real-time alerts regarding labor discrepancies. This allows farmers to isolate and fix weak points immediately, thus reducing product loss and increasing worker efficiency. In addition, the system integrates real-time worker input from the field that includes product damage identification due to pest or natural causes, and other relevant data.

Main Benefits