OZBlu Sun-Farms

With a total of 43 #farms across Australia, North America, South America, Southern and Northern Africa and Southern Europe, OzBlu are a world leader in #blueberry production.

It is without doubt, one of PickApp’s flagship integrations, which stands as an example for the system’s ability to support giant-scale farming, such as of OzBlu LATAM, throughout an extremely delicate and high-paced picking season.

Maintaining #qualitycontrol is one of the most crucial elements in the #blueberry production process. Using real-time crop monitoring, OzBlu farm managers are able to adjust picking process on-the-spot, thus ensuring that every berry keeps its freshness.

We already see incredible results from the field and can’t wait for even more successful harvests!

Elite Agro

With a geographical diversification of three continents, over in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Morocco and Serbia, EAG owns a well-established global presence in the fastest-growing markets.

EAG is a state-of-the-art organization, which embraces a cross-department data-driven approach. It is PickApp’s honor to be delivering its proprietary data gathering and analytics solutions to the different levels of the EAG farming hierarchy.

The ability to remotely monitor and control the day-to-day farm operations all around the world in real-time delivers that confident top-of-the-mountain angle that such enterprises require.

We are thrilled about the quick success we’re seeing and do not intend to stop there.

elite agro


Greenamex is dedicated to the production, packaging and distribution of bell pepper, established since 2007 in the southern region of Jalisco.

PickApp adores Greenamex for identifying the potential of the system’s flexibility and unleashing its true power through insisting on high resolution reporting methods, encouraging company-wide deployment, implementing data-driven workflows, and deriving powerful insights.

We feel that supporting your growth has enabled ours.



As the fruit cooperative of the Israeli Upper Galilee and Golan Heights kibbutzim, Beresheet is a distributed entity with a single-roof packing and marketing center.

In this complex landscape, getting short season workforce contractors and quality checkers to assure top quality must be handled as gently as a fresh-picked apple. Today, PickApp’s quality-check integrations are deployed seamlessly throughout the picking workflow.

PickApp owes its quality assurance features to the high-quality standards Beresheet stands for.


Ein Yahav

Being the first prospering agricultural colony in the Arava desert means you’re all about doing everything that’s possible and a little bit of the impossible too.

PickApp first versions were built with Ein Yahav orchestrated farm operations in mind. Measuring farm-labor to enhanced productivity and increase profitability has turned out to be a game changer not only for them, but for the entire region.

PickApp feels privileged to be supporting such successful next-door farm.



At Bonnysa in Spain, they control all the products that arrive at your table from the seed itself to the final result, which is even more wonderful than it sounds.

Tracking and tracing everything you need is the core of PickApp’s platform and it’s remarkable to be providing these solutions to a brand that makes any food taste better.

PickApp stands with Bonnysa in “teaching to take care of the environment is to teach to value life”.